The Online Banking Alternatives in Online Gambling

There is no defined certainty on whether gambling is legal or illegal in the general sense. This is because different states in the U.S. have various stands about online gambling legality and laws that allow or prohibit online gambling within their jurisdiction.

The famous staple of online banking payment in gambling is the payment through credit cards to different online casinos which was curtailed by varied stringent gambling laws implemented by different state jurisdictions.

Credit card companies now refuse to allow their services to be used as gambling payment since the use of credit card payments is strictly prohibited and the credit card companies can be held liable of their participation to illegal online gambling.

Because of this, online gamblers needs to find an alternative means of online banking that will help them fund their online gambling accounts to different online casino sites to be able to continue gambling online.

Online casinos accept various types of online payments such as wire transfers, bank drafts and of course credit card payment. But these can involve a slow process while banks usually does not allow gambling related transfer of fund and credit card payment is prohibited in some states.

There are online banking alternatives that online gamblers can use which are relatively safe, fast and secured. The most widely and globally used online banking payments and withdrawal transaction from online casinos and perhaps the most preferable to online casino sites is the Neteller.

Neteller provides a banking option among online gamblers and is highly recommended by many online casinos. This means of online banking transaction involves funding the Neteller account of a gambler directly from a player’s bank account or even via credit cards. Transactions with Neteller can be made through depositing and/or

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