The differences between the real world and the virtual one when it comes to gambling

People think that there is no real difference between playing poker in a casino and playing internet poker or even video poker – poker is poker, no matter how you play it, Right? Wrong. There are a number of differences between playing online and playing in a casino.
The first and most obvious aspect and the behavior of the players – it is well known that people behave differently when communicating online, and not just in poker. Having courage and daring come easier online, when no eyes can observe us. On top of that people also have more guts to do things that they wouldn’t dare doing face to face like squeezing yourself into poker tables, asking someone to play or intentionally finding a weaker play that you can strip off his money quickly and easily.

Its important to remember that lying is easier on the internet, and not just for the conscious, but in practical terms as well. As long as you stick to your story, pay attention to the small details and avoid exposing yourself with inconsistent actions, there is no way that someone could know that you are lying. But when sitting face to face with another person there are other signs like body language, stuttering, unusual intonation, or the look on our face. Those are easy to pick up on when we are lying – lets not forget that when a person sits behind a computer he has more time for phrasing and thinking about presentation, but when you are an imposter sitting in front of someone, you need more then a good story: you also need good acting skills, and this is where most people fail, when it comes to presenting a lie.

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