Securing Yourself in a Casino

The fact remains that casinos are a public place. They cater to anyone who walks in and brings money to play. Fun, amusement, and enjoyment are terms often synonymous to a casino but could also be a place which one could find as unsecure or unsafe. Here are a several free ways of securing oneself inside the casino and can be your guide to casino safety.

Stay vigilant. Sometimes, players could get so absorbed to the game they are playing that they unmindfully forget of their belongings or they do not think well about the actions and decisions they make. It won’t hurt you to stay alert while enjoying the flow of the game. After all, it can’t be called a great experience if you lose something here and there.

Always watch when your money comes in and out of a machine or is being processed. Bill receptors could sometimes spew back the cash if it is wrinkled. Someone could easily pull it away if you place your attention on something else while doing this. Also, when someone changes your money, count it immediately before walking away. You could not correct the mistaken change if you have gone even just a meter away.

Also, don’t show everyone you have money. Store them in a safe place such as a wallet, purse, or a safe-deposit box, if you have one. It would be unwise to broadcast to everyone in the casino that you such and such money because you easily get the attention of the casino theft and pickpockets, who are usually in groups. If additional cash comes through winnings, ask the casino attendants if they have a safety-deposit box where you could store the cash for the meantime. When it is time for you to leave with a big winning, you could always ask the guard to accompany you to your car.

An identification card separate from your wallet will come in handy. It should contain, but not limited to, your name, address, and the name and contact number of the person to call in cases of emergency. It will help others ascertain who you are and who to contact when something happens, hopefully not.

Lastly, refuse drinks from people you don’t know, aside from that given by the waitress. They could easily spill in a drug or something inside the drink and make you unconscious for quite some time, giving them the chance to loot whatever money you are holding. Casino safety is a few steps away. One could never be more careful in dealing with the game. Not all people you meet in there are good and that fact requires you to be more alert about you money, winnings, and yourself.

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