How to recover when playing bad poker

If you’re close to the tilt, you should try to get back into the game as soon as possible, but still act as if you’re close to the tilt. No matter if you play Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or any other poker variant, every player with some experience knows the signs of Tilt, the signs that you will not lose the game even though it’s obvious they can not win ,

Although you know it all as an experienced player, it is sometimes hard to avoid doing exactly that. But if you can not control the tilt phase, it can quickly have an impact. Because the end of the game is not far away. If you react quickly, you can often save your hand and the game.
When you realize that you are starting to play badly because you are losing your nerve, it is best to sit back and try to find peace again. But then you should act as if you are still in the tilt phase. Because if you realize that you were close to the tilt, then the others probably also noticed. So keep calm! Take back control of your game, but let your teammates believe that your end is approaching. Use their observations to your advantage, and give them the feeling that you play loose-aggressive uncontrollably. Then switch to a tight style and make aggressive bets if you have a good hand. With a little luck, they too will go all-in.

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